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KAPCDAM Saving Group members share

Parents of children with disabilities know that each day brings small and large victories. Parenting children with disabilities also comes with unique challenges, including increased financial responsibilities and more complex planning requirements for the future. The cost of therapies, medical procedures, equipment and caregiving — on top of wages lost as a result of caretaking duties — can be daunting. Because these children may continue to require care into adulthood, sound financial planning is essential to ensure they’re always cared for.

This is why we mobilised members of KAPCDAM to start a saving group based on the VSLA Model, to equip them with financial literacy and planning skills while providing them with a platform to save and access other financial services.

The Saving Group Statistics

Number of people in the group                  :               29

Amount saved in three months                  :               UGX 6,074,365/= equivalent to $ 1,669

Savings gender                                         :               $1,606 was saved female parents,

: $64 saved bythe males parents

Saving period  : 6 months.

Reasons they gave for saving

Three female parents interviewed gave the following reasons:

  1. I decided to save money so that I am able to pay school fees for my child with Cerebral palsy. Today I am happy that at least next year I will be able to pay fees and send my child to school in time as I look for the other necessities.
  2. I will use my savings to start a small income business to generate income for me, and my family.
  3. The goal for my saving is to buy a ceramic water purifier to help my entire family access safe water for drinking.

Ngabirano Beatrice received a gift for her outstanding attendance during the weekly saving meetings – she never missed a single meeting during the 6-months period.